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Well talking of the storage service means that when you are relocating from one place to another location. Then during that period of time you can put your belongings to a storage place. The place like a god –down where you can keep all your items for a short time period. That’s why renting a storage unit is an excellent way to clear space in your house and still keeps your belongings safe and secure. Whether you are looking for extra space to store road bikes, your unused furniture a private closet to keep your documents or files. Or just extra space to house random odds and ends, consider renting a self storage unit.

Our company and storage

Our company Ababeel Movers will help you a lot in this case. By hiring our company you will have our expert workers. They are highly professional and are being with us since a long period of time. So they know their work very properly. We are among the most qualified companies of moving in UAE.

If you are on short budget and looking for the best moving services then you can contact to us. As we are among the most repute moving companies in UAE. We will help you out in your most difficult and tiring situation.

Different types of storage facilities

• Self storage facility

This type of storage unit is ideal and perfect for those who could use a little extra room for their belongings. Although the specific rules and regulations vary from company to company. A self storage facility typically allows you to access your unit whenever you want.

• Traditional storage facility

A conventional storage unit is a place where you can bring your excess belongings and keep them safe until you need them. Storage unit tends to be great for holiday decorations during the off season.

About us

The company Ababeel movers consists of multilingual movers and packers. Reliance by 1000+ customers in UAE. Generally we have every day jobs for moving and shifting. During the peak days we schedule our customer’s tasks. This helps us create friendly environment with customers. Indeed we are not only one who are doing moving and shifting.

Our mission

We will provide you the best moving services with our qualified movers.