We move every furniture of Home | shop | office | apartment as well as assemble it!



Ababeel movers deals with the furniture installation, we provide complete safe installation for the furniture you bought from market either or you moved from another place.


While we give you a installation services of your furniture we know that safety of furniture is our priority to keep it without scratch.


We give you a maintenance of your furniture while after installation you feel some of your furniture are with scratch so we provide also maintenance.

Do you need help with Furniture installation ?

We you are unloading truck you can ask us for your truck unloading and all home furniture unloading. Our experts are always ready to unload stuff for your home villa and apartment.
We have been giving great help to our clients in their need when ever they need moving and packing services from us. 
We have been in UAE in all the cities providing our services to all the clients. 


Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes.
Fill in gaps with clothing, towels, or packing paper. Movers often won’t move boxes that feel loosely packed or unbalanced.

Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.
It will make your packing quicker and your unpacking a lot easier, too.

What Our Customers Say!


David, Co-Founder

i found the team came to my home, safely packed every thing and kept in container, i was shocked that all the works done quickly and smartly without giving me a single stress on that day!


Merry, Designer

i was happy taking a move out from my home to another place, i called them and they were quick to reach my home, inspected all things and packed quickly. They helped me a lot on that day!

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  • full funiture moving from one city to another
  • Installation of furniture and fixing of fixtures

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